Participants laugh as they play together in a War Child child-friendly space in Jordan.
Our network and partners

N Family Club

We have been partnered with N Family Club since 2017, working together to support the educations of children living in conflict zones.

An education for an education. 

First starting in 2017, our partnership with N Family Club has gone from strength to strength over the years. As an organisation committed to donating 1% of their annual profits to charity, N family Club now give £50,000 a year to War Child and changes the lives of thousands of children in the process.  

Alongside this incredible generosity we also collaborate on a calendar of engagement activities including War Child Week - which provides the children attending N Family Club nurseries with an opportunity to safely learn a little bit more about how other children around the world live and grow up.

“We know that the relationships, experiences and environments of the first five years of life set the foundation for lifelong learning, health and behaviour. Yet conflict and inequality around the world denies millions of children the opportunity to thrive due to a lack of the fundamental rights of food, healthcare and the opportunity to learn. Through our partnership with War Child, we are pleased to play a small part in supporting young children growing up in conflict, as they provide vital support and learning opportunities to some of the world's most vulnerable children, through their Early Childhood Care and Development programmes." - Claire Brown, Impact Manager, N Family Club.

Their nurseries also take part in Peace Band, War Child’s flagship physical challenge, which encourages people to challenge themselves to move a certain distance - related to a journey that a child might currently have to make to find safety, and raise a certain amount of money do so within the month of March.


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