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Being a 'Force for Good' - How the UK's military partnerships can better protect children

In 2019, the UK had support relationships in at least eight countries where grave violations against children were verified by the UN. In this new report, War Child states that building the capacity of partner military forces, without appropriate efforts to ensure that the capacity is used in accordance with international law and best practice, places more children at risk.

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Annual Report 2020

Thanks to our amazing supporters and partners, we reached a total of 171,992 children, young people and adults through our work in 2020.

VoiceMore group in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

VoiceMore: Preventing the abuse and exploitation of child cattle herders

This report outlines a VoiceMore project led by a group of young people living in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, supported by War Child. It details their concerns regarding the abuse and exploitation of child herders in their community, what they feel are the causes and consequences, the research they designed and conducted, and their recommendations for ways to address the issue.