Boys play football outside a War Child centre in the Central African Republic.
Our work

Where we work

We deliver our vital work in eight countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children in war.

We transform the lives of children in conflict-affected countries. 

Our teams are on the ground in conflict-affected countries responding to emergency situations, working with communities and offering safe spaces where we can deliver our life-changing services and support. 

We deliver our programmes in eight countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East:

Participant Hassan and his little sister stand outside their home in Afghanistan.
Participant Hassan* and his little sister stand outside of their home in Afghanistan. Credit: War Child UK.


In light of the recent crisis, War Child is scaling up its life-saving work to protect, educate and provide for more children and families in Afghanistan than ever before.

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Girl smiling in CAR with a scarf over her head.
Participant Beatrice in the camp where she lives with her family along with others displaced by the ongoing conflict in the Central African Republic. Credit: Arete.

Central African Republic

We work with communities to provide life-saving services to the most vulnerable children in the CAR including those who have been separated from their families, recruited by armed groups, experienced sexual violence or are working to provide for their families.

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Child in Democratic Republic of Congo
Participant Kanyere* wearing a facemask given to him as part of War Child's Emergency Covid-19 response in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Credit: Arete.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Reintegrating children who have escaped armed groups into their communities, youth-led advocacy, and sustainable livelihoods are at the core of what we do for children in the DRC.

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Image of little girl in Palestine


Facing the deadliest crisis for children this century, War Child is working on its biggest ever programme of aid, education and mental health care.

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Children waving at a camp in Iraq.
Participant Nadia* reads to her siblings at their home in a camp for those displaced by conflict in Iraq. Credit: War Child UK.


The aftermath of war in Iraq has left thousands of children and youth in need of War Child’s education support, child protection services and vocational skills training in order to build the foundation for a future with lasting peace.

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Children at school in South Sudan.
Children at school in South Sudan.

South Sudan

Political instability, local violence, flooding, severe food shortages and high inflation in South Sudan has displaced over 2 million people and has restricted access to vital services.

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Miriam is wearing a purple unicorn jumper and is posing against a wall
Girl aged 4 now lives in Moldova after fleeing the war in Ukraine with her family. Credit: War Child UK.


The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to destroy vital infrastructure and services. We're independently assessing needs. Then impartially delivering life-saving help to those who need us most, when they need us most.

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Participant sits on a slide outside a War Child child-friendly space in Yemen.
Participant sits on a slide outside a War Child child-friendly space in Yemen. Credit: Arete.


War Child continues to deliver life-saving child protection services, education support, vocational skills training and cash relief to children and their families in war-torn Yemen. 

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Participant plays with a puzzle in a War Child centre in Iraq.

What we do

We help keep children safe and support them to heal, learn and thrive. We understand their needs, respect and stand up for their rights, and put them at the centre of everything we do.

Girl smiles to her classmates as she draws on the board with the help of the War Child Education Facilitator in Jordan.

Quality and standards

For more than two decades, we have worked tirelessly with children, young people and their communities and are committed to ensuring children affected by conflict are safe, heard, and have bright hopeful futures. Find out how we ensure quality, safety and impact wherever we work.