We can be even stronger together

Three ways you can help

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Bartend against bombs

From cocktail competitions to the humble tip jar, Ben and Calum have their eyes set on raising £10,000 for children affected by conflict.

Ines and Jon ask guest for donations rather than wedding presents

An 'I do' with a difference

Inés and Jon shared their special day with us by asking their guests to make a gift to War Child instead. 

Three reasons to support War Child

1. We arrive fast, and we stay longer

We’re known for our rapid response – we always want to reach children quickly when war breaks out, because early help can be crucial. We don’t wait for the media focus to get to a conflict zone – and we don’t quit when the spotlight moves away. We provide support before others arrive, and we stick around to build long-term recovery. We fill crucial gaps in humanitarian aid and funding.

2. We listen to children, and we speak up for their rights

We don’t treat children as simply helpless victims of conflict. Protecting them from danger is the first step, but we also need to hear their voices, and identify the best options for them in each situation. We use our expertise and experience to help children have a better future, particularly by maintaining their education and strengthening community support. We need your help to do more of that.

3. We are trusted specialists, and we change lives

We’re the only charity dedicated to protecting children in war. We’re known for our values and our effective working practices, and we have a team of committed experts. We don’t do it all alone of course – part of our job is mobilising others, whether it’s NGOs, local communities or governments, to improve outcomes for young people. Your support is vital so we can keep developing, and help more children.  



Pledge your birthday

Stuck for birthday present ideas? Why not donate your birthday to War Child and ask people to make a donation to War Child instead of gifts

Serenity donates her birthday to War Child

Serenity's 6th Birthday!

Serenity donated her 6th birthday to War Child. She celebrated with her friends and asked for donations instead of gifts. Already, she's doing great things to make the world a better place for children.