Afghanistan might not get as much media attention as more recent conflict zones (such as Syria), but having suffered four decades of armed conflict, there are over 8 million people there who need humanitarian assistance right now. Two-thirds of them are children.

War Child has been in Afghanistan since 2002. We work with community groups and families to help find and protect unaccompanied minors, children working on the streets or young people in conflict with the law. We provide counselling and educational support, and speak up strongly for children’s rights. 

In Afghanistan:

Children in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has a deep-rooted and complex range of humanitarian needs that are still largely unmet. Poverty and corruption are common.

Children often suffer from malnutrition and inadequate medical care.

There are issues around the lack of education, child marriage, child labour and access to justice.

A lot of young Afghans cross the border to work illegally in Iran. They face the risks that come with being trafficked, these include imprisonment and deportation back to Afghanistan - often under violent and abusive conditions.

Teenagers are also often imprisoned for petty offences or ‘honour’ crimes.

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