A girl standing in front of a collapsed building in Gaza.
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Keir Starmer must do everything he can to end the nightmare for Gaza’s children. Sign your name now.

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Brutal attacks have killed thousands of children in Gaza. Those remaining are starving, traumatised and terrified for their lives. 

The War Child Petition urges the new Prime Minister to:

  • Prioritise an immediate and permanent ceasefire
  • Insist on aid agencies and their vital supplies be let into Gaza
  • Work with War Child to support our goal of delivering mental health support, protection and education services to every child in Gaza, in our largest response to date

Join us in calling on Keir Starmer to do everything he can to end the nightmare for Gaza’s children.

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Petition Text to Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer

Dear Prime Minister,

The death of just one child in conflict is one too many. But in Gaza, many thousands of children have already been killed and over 20,000 are estimated to be separated from family, trapped under rubble or detained. Thousands more have been injured and maimed.

Thousands of young lives ended before reaching their first birthday, before their first day at school, before being able to pursue their dreams. Each and every child lost is irreplaceable. They leave behind devastated siblings, parents and friends.

For the millions of children who have survived so far, they want one thing more than anything else – safety for them and their families.

As the UK’s new Prime Minister, you have an enormous responsibility to care for and protect children here, in the United Kingdom, and we wish you every bit of success in this important role.

But what we are witnessing in Gaza is the worst crisis for children anywhere in the world this century. Therefore you also have a responsibility to do everything in your power to ensure the safety of children in Gaza. 

As a new leader on the world stage, there is a crucial window of opportunity to have a meaningful and historic impact for children in Gaza. It is an opening for you to use your reach and diplomatic influence across the globe to work with our allies to prioritise children affected by this conflict. 

We urge you to:

  • Work towards the securing of a comprehensive ceasefire as the first crucial step in protecting families in Gaza, and to releasing the remaining hostages taken from Israel as well as Palestinians detained by Israel without due process.
  • Put adequate pressure on the Israeli Government to allow UN and humanitarian agencies to safely bring in sufficient supplies and reverse the malnutrition and imminent famine children are facing.
  • Request that your officials work with War Child to help support their long-term programmes once a ceasefire has been agreed. Especially around mental health, psychosocial support, protection and education services.

As the only organisation solely dedicated to children in conflict zones, War Child will be focusing its efforts post-ceasefire on providing highly specialised support, protection and trauma care to the tens of thousands of children who have seen and experienced unimaginable suffering – but this will only be possible with a permanent ceasefire in place.

War Child alongside its partners will also lead the work of providing protection and support to the thousands of children who have been separated from or lost entire families to reunite with their loved ones, or a new home.

Whilst War Child’s teams and partners on the ground continue to work tirelessly around the clock, they are ready to launch their biggest-ever response to a humanitarian crisis, once the violence stops. But they need your help to protect children now, and into the future.

We call on you to prioritise Gaza’s children, before it’s too late. Please help to end the nightmare.


Yours sincerely,

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