VoiceMore: Combating corruption and abuse in schools

This report outlines a VoiceMore project led by a group of young people living in Bangui in the Central African Republic, supported by War Child. It details their concerns regarding sexual abuse and corruption in schools, what they feel are the causes and consequences, the research they designed and conducted, and their recommendations for ways to address the issue.


In 2016 Voice More participants in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR) were working to try and draw attention to corruption and abuse in schools.

The young people reported to War Child that demands for sexual favours and money from teachers in state schools, for the fair marking of papers and exams, access to basic school resources or even just to attend class, was having a detrimental impact on many children's safety and education.

The group conducted research in ten schools across Bangui. This helped to evidence the scale of the problem of 'sexually transmitted grades' and 'selling of notes'. The results were shocking and proved that safety in classrooms could not be ignored. 

Of the 100 children surveyed, the group found:

  • 73% of children reported 'sex for grades' was occurring in their classrooms
  • 75% said 'selling of notes' was happening in their school
  • Girls were reported to be affected more than boys for both problems
  • 95% of children said these practices were bad for education in CAR

The full report is available in English and French.

Download the full reports to read more.