The Vivienne Westwood fan.

Vivienne Westwood X Mandarin Oriental for War Child

Vivienne Westwood design handcrafted fan to illustrate Hanover Square, home of the new Mandarin Oriental Mayfair, London.

As part of this special collaboration, the first of the unique handcrafted fans was created especially for auction, with the hope of raising valuable funds to support War Child’s Children's Emergency Fund which supports children in crisis when disaster strikes.

Through a shared love of the historic area, one of London’s finest and oldest squares, Mandarin Oriental worked with the house of Vivienne Westwood to design a handcrafted fan to illustrate this elegant square and create a signature emblem to inform the individuality of the new Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The inspiration for the fan started with the historic Square, named in honour of George I, the Elector of Hanover. The square was laid out in the late 1710s and was originally lined with fine terraced houses, occupied by some of London’s most celebrated society figures. 

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Vivienne Westwood Stop War Campaign 

Partnering with three NGOs — CAAT, War Child and Refugee Council — the campaign raises awareness and fundraise for tangible results in an effort to Stop War and alleviate the suffering caused by it. It also utilises Vivienne’s platform to raise awareness on both the impacts of war and governments’ complicity in associated human rights abuses.

A huge thanks to Vivienne Westwood, the Vivienne Foundation and Mandarin Oriental for choosing to support War Child with this auction. We’re so grateful for your wonderful support!

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The auction is live from 23rd of May until 28th June 2024.
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