'This Is My World' by Lonely Planet.

Lonely Planet Kids publishes 'This Is My World'

We have partnered with Lonely Planet Kids to share stories from children around the world.

At War Child we think it’s important for children’s voices to be heard. We believe young people are their own best advocates. 

Lonely Planet Kids have published ‘This is My World’ to share stories from 84 children from 73 countries across six continents – all share what’s unique about their lives – in their own words. 



‘This is My World’ shares stories from children who have grown up in countries affected by armed conflict. 

The book includes children War Child has worked with - Esther in Uganda and Yousef who lives in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. 

In ‘This is My World’ you’ll find out what Yousef’s and Esther’s favourite games are, what their homes are like and their hopes for the future. You’ll see what makes them both unique and all the similarities they share with other children around the world.  

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To support children like Esther and Yousef, £1 from every UK sale of ‘This is My World’ will come to War Child so we can continue to reach children affected by conflict and raise their voices.

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Your children can share news about their world too. 

Lonely Planet Kids have designed an activity sheet for parents and schools to download so children can share what’s in their world. Children from all corners of the globe are also drawing pictures of themselves and sharing their portraits to form an around-the-world paper doll chain. 

Join in and tell us about your world.

Activity sheet

Paper doll template


More ways to support

Children at a VoiceMore group in CAR.


We have more incredible stories for you from children in Iraq, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two siblings from Iraq.


We work to ensure that challenges faced by children are widely understood and addressed by those in power. We boldly campaign to influence global leaders and empower young people to raise issues and campaign for change themselves.