Dragon Age Branding for 2024.

Dragon Age Annual 2024

Pre-orders for the 2024 Dragon Age Annual: Compendium Pactorum is now live and supporting War Child, with exclusive signed copies from Indira Varmer.


Pre-orders for the 2024 Dragon Age Annual: Compendium Pactorum are open on itch.io now! 

Dragon Age Annual’s talented team of Artists and Writers have been working hard to produce a 2024 Calendar which features 40 full-color pages filled with exceptional illustrations and short stories and a highly usable Monday start grid-format monthly calendar.

Pre-order options include an affordable digital PDF, physical calendar, and a merch pack! Learn more about your options by visiting the pre-order page



We are ecstatic to announce that in connection with War Child UK, Indira Varma, voice actor for Vivienne de Fer from Dragon Age: Inquisition has agreed to sign 5 copies of the 2024 Dragon Age Annual!

These limited copies are available through special auctions on Tiltify. for the signed copy plus Merch pack will take place from October 14-October 21, 2023 only! These are sure to go quickly, so grab yours today!


Dragon Age Annual is an unofficial, not-for-profit project: a labour of love not associated with BioWare or EA.

The Annual is a celebration of all things Thedas created by a talented team of fans: artists, writers, and more. Each year, these fan creators work together to produce a full-colour calendar with 12 months, 5 bonus works, cover plus extras, all for the benefit of a chosen charity, which this year is War Child.

Thank you Dragon Age Annual for all of your support!

Dragon Age Annual

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