Our plan

Boys in Uganda wearing War Child T-shirts
A group of boys in a War Child project in Uganda, 2011

Our three-year objectives

Our main objective is to increase the scale of our work and reach more children in conflict areas.

In 2015 the number of children, young people and adults who received direct support from War Child UK and our local partners was 126,000. Our plans see that number rising to 260,000 by 2019.

That may seem a big increase, but we believe War Child UK has the potential to reach many more children in the future.

We’ll be strengthening our internal systems to help scale up our high-quality work and technical excellence. We’ll also be establishing a global coalition with like-minded War Child partners and expanding the international reach of our fundraising and advocacy work. 

DRC child happy education
A happy child in school, Democratic Republic of Congo

Beyond our direct impact, we know we can improve many more children’s lives by working with additional partners and pushing for wider changes.

We realise War Child doesn’t have to do it all ourselves. We can share innovative solutions and resources, and help mobilise local and international agencies – including our sister War Child organisations in Holland and Canada – to protect and support more children caught up in conflicts around the world.

War child Syrian children in Jordan
2 Syrian girls from a War Child project in Jordan, 2015. Credit: James Marcus Haney

Our principles

There are five principles that underpin everything we do:

1. We reach children early in the conflict cycle and we stay to support them through recovery
2. We are a specialist organisation focussed on high impact and sustainable interventions
3. We champion the voices of children and mobilise others to take action to support them
4. Our values define our actions and drive us to continually improve our work and our systems  
5. We are part of an effective global family

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