Girl in Yemen completes her drawing at a War Child centre.
Our network and partners

Dropbox Foundation

From inspiring staff and customers, to helping us maximise our impact we are proud to be one of Dropbox Foundation’s first UK charity partners.

Dropbox and War Child 

In February 2018, Dropbox, the renowned file-hosting service offering cloud storage and software, publicly launched the Dropbox Foundation and made War Child one of their first charity partners. 

The Foundation is committed to partnering with organisations that promote and enable human rights around the world, collaborating with charities globally by offering grants and strategic skills-based support. 

The Dropbox Foundation is committed to supporting War Child UK’s important work and the lasting impact it has on the lives of children affected by conflict. We’re proud to partner with an organisation that does so much to protect, educate, and stand up for the rights of children in the most volatile countries around the world.
Polly Field, Head of Social Impact at Dropbox .

Funding from the Dropbox Foundation has enabled us to mobilise emergency support in the Democratic Republic of Congo and respond to the acute humanitarian crisis in Yemen, acting swiftly to minimise the damage on children in war zones. Dropboxers have also explored user and customer experience projects to support War Child’s strategic initiatives to build our supporter base.


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Whether you want to find out more about War Child or support a specific project, a dedicated member of our Trusts and Foundations team would love to talk to you. Please contact [email protected]

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Partner with us

Whether sponsoring an event, participating in a fundraising or advocacy campaign, or establishing a strategic funding or brand relationship, partnering with us makes all the difference to children caught in conflict.


Our network and partners

We work with a number of passionate, creative and forward-thinking partners, agencies, brands, corporates, trusts and foundations to ensure we have the greatest impact for children living through conflict.