Uganda is a tale of two countries.

The south is relatively prosperous and most children go to primary school. But the north suffered a series of internal armed conflicts from the late 1970s, and more recently has seen a huge influx of refugees (almost 200,000) fleeing war and food shortages in neighbouring South Sudan.

We work with local partners to protect and counsel vulnerable Sudanese refugee children in Uganda.

We also support a youth-led social enterprise venture that helps young people in northern Uganda improve their prospects by starting their own businesses. 

In Uganda:

Children in Uganda

Almost two-thirds of the Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda are under the age of 18. 

The brutal conflict in South Sudan has heavily affected the mental health and wellbeing of children living in the refugee settlements.

Apathy and despondency are commonly detected symptoms, especially among children that have suffered traumatic events.

What we do in Uganda


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