Boy smiling in classroom, Uganda.

For seven years until 2021, Secret 7” raised over £500K for good causes. Now, War Child are bringing back the project to provide essential aid, education and support to children and families affected by conflict. 

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Children in war zones need your support

War Child UK is the only specialist charity for children affected by conflict.

War Child creates safe spaces for children to play, learn and access psychological support. 

By taking part in Secret 7" you are helping War Child reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out and stay to support them through their recovery – keeping them safe, helping them learn and cope with their experiences, and equipping them with skills for the future. 

In 2022 War Child supported 256,000 children and adults, and money raised from Secret 7” will help bolster that figure.  

An image from Secret 7" 2020.

Secret 7"

The concept behind Secret 7” is simple. 7 iconic musicians provide a track, each of which features on a limited edition pressing of 100 7” vinyl records. Artists from all over the world, ranging from household names to talented newcomers, contribute unique sleeve designs.