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Child sitting in a classroom in Jordan.

Early Childhood Development in Iraq and Jordan – Impact Report

This report offers a comprehensive assessment of children's developmental skills and caregiver insights in Jordan and Iraq, providing evidence for the significance of holistic ECD programmes and offering recommendations to guide data-driven decision-making and advocacy at local and global levels.

Being a Force for Good 2023

Being a Force for Good 2023

The recruitment of girls and boys by armed forces and armed groups – and their use in hostilities – is one of the most egregious violations against children in armed conflict.

Close up of two people shaking hands.

Being a 'Force for Good' - How the UK's military partnerships can better protect children

In 2019, the UK had support relationships in at least eight countries where grave violations against children were verified by the UN. In this new report, War Child states that building the capacity of partner military forces, without appropriate efforts to ensure that the capacity is used in accordance with international law and best practice, places more children at risk.

Former child soldiers at school in the Central African Republic.

Rethink Child Soldiers

This report aims to bring global attention to the challenges related to the reintegration of children associated with armed forces and groups, and promote better policy, practice and funding in the future.

Syrian boy cycles around the city which has been destroyed by conflict.

6 years on: A war on Syria's children

This report provides a list of actions the international community can undertake to address urgent needs and plan for a more stable and secure future for Syria’s children.