Voicemore Handbook 2023

War Child’s VoiceMore programme empowers young people affected by armed conflict to share their experiences and act on issues impacting them. 

What is VoiceMore?

Groups of young people discuss and debate how conflict affects children and youth in their area and what they feel could be done to help improve their lives. They are then supported to design and run their own advocacy projects in their local community, with War Child helping them elevate these concerns to national and international platforms.

War Child provides support to groups by providing trainings on how to be an effect spokesperson, understanding their rights, conducting research and organising advocacy action.   

You can learn more about VoiceMore and download VoiceMore reports here.


VoiceMore Handbook

The VoiceMore Handbook will facilitate practitioners’ uptake of this participatory youth advocacy methodology. The Handbook is a comprehensive guide to enhance youth engagement and advocacy through the VoiceMore methodology. It details the principles and ethos that should guide any VoiceMore programme, details the different phases of the programme, provide guidance and tools to facilitate youth group sessions, and indicate key budget considerations to build a safe and efficient programme.

The VoiceMore Handbook is available in English, French and Arabic.