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Vivienne Westwood and Pam Hogg x Shop for Good

Our Pam Hogg and Vivienne Westwood Tees are now exclusively available on our Shop For Good.

In 2017 War Child ran a campaign collaborating with artists to campaign against the actions of the UK government in response to their input in the arms trade and the effect it had in the atrocities being committed in Saudi Arabia. Among those artists were Vivienne Westwood and Pam Hogg, who drew inspiration from War Child’s messaging to create powerful designs that were placed on T-Shirts with the intent of helping to spread illumination and enact change. 


Vivienne Westwood’s design was heavily influenced by the atrocities of war, she used the motif of a skull overlaid with evocative phrases to call attention to the horrific war crimes being committed. Her design as powerful as the messaging behind it as Vivienne put it “There are other ways to run an economy than profit from death.”


Pam Hogg’s T-Shirt held the powerful messaging of love not war, is a timeless design, a message that we hold dear in our hearts. She puts that “It’s heart-breaking knowing hundreds of thousands of children’s lives have been shattered due to ongoing conflicts that show no sign of stopping. It’s imperative to show solidarity by supporting this cause, I urge everyone too.”

Their designs helped to prompt further discussions, having the difficult but needed conversations and opening up minds, alerting people to the issues that perhaps they had been unaware of.


These T-Shirts were first designed for our 25th Anniversary and as we head towards our 30th we are relaunching these t-shirts exclusively on Shop for Good as the powerful messaging put forth by these wonderful artists still ring true today. Help us at War Child to contribute to our goal, if you #WearItForWarChild you can help us to spread the always important message that no child’s life should be torn apart by war.

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