A young girl at a child friendly space at the refugee reception centre.

Ukraine Conflict: Two Years On

War Child has been working to support those on the frontline in Ukraine and surrounding countries since the conflict began. 

Two years on, the war continues to claim lives, destroy vital infrastructure and services and put thousands of children and their families at risk. 


People’s Postcode Lottery 

With support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, War Child and our local partners could respond immediately to the enormous need. We provided food, clothes, cash relief and other lifesaving essentials. Our teams also worked to ensure children and their families were prevented from immediate risks, such as being trafficked when crossing borders. 

The facts

More than...
  • 3 million

    people have been internally displaced

  • 14 million

    people now in need of humanitarian aid

  • 5 million

    children have had their education disrupted

Your impact 

Over the last two years the players’ support has contributed to our life saving programmes, enabling us to reach 113,756 people in Ukraine and the surrounding countries: 

  • Child Protection:  Children are extremely vulnerable in times of armed conflict and can easily become targets of exploitation and abuse. Our teams worked hard to ensure children were safe and protected, supporting our local partners to raise awareness in vulnerable communities and provide anti-trafficking training. 
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial support: We provided vital psychological first aid and safe spaces for children to play and get the education they need. We encouraged children to express themselves, building their confidence and trust again, so they can better cope and recover from the effects of war. 
  • Education: It is incredibly important for children to continue their education, even when they have had to leave home and school behind because of war. By providing catch up classes and through our digital learning platform ‘Can’t Wait To Learn’, War Child and our partners provided access to quality education for thousands of at-risk children. We also worked with partners to set up temporary learning facilities, transforming dark bomb shelters into colourful kindergartens.  
  • Support to parents: War Child and our partners supported parents and caregivers in Ukraine, providing them with mental health support, cash assistance to support their children practically, and empowering them through positive parenting programmes.  
  • Support to marginalised communities: War Child has been one of the only organisations actively supporting the Roma community who continues to face discrimination, even in humanitarian response. War Child and our partners ensured these extremely vulnerable children have access to protection, support and education, helping to promote inclusivity and cultural exchange within the wider community. 
Children who fled from Ukraine who found refuge in a collective shelter in Moldova are drawing as part of psychological first aid. Their drawings tell the first aid team about their experiences and their state of mind. Children severely affected by the war receive psychological support or are referred to specialist care.

In 2024 War Child’s aim is to foster resilience and long-term stability for children and communities in Ukraine.  

Thank you

We are so grateful to the players of People’s Postcode Lottery. With their support, War Child can respond to the most pressing and intense emergencies as soon as they arise, and ensure children are protected and supported to have the best possible start in life.

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