A drawing by an ex-child soldier.

The shocking pictures no child should draw

What would you expect a child to draw? Animals, some pretty flowers, perhaps some trees and a bright blue sky?

The horror of war is heart-breaking when it's seen through a child's eyes.  

Many of the children we work with draw shocking pictures. Some draw bullets, guns, dead bodies, and any other horror that comes with war. 

The children we work with have experienced the horrifying reality of war.  

They may have seen loved ones being killed, been forced to flee from their home or had their school, community and life torn apart. 

Through activities like drawing, children are supported to overcome their experiences of conflict.  

We run child friendly spaces for children in war-affected countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 

They're a safe place for children to play, draw, learn and make friends with other children. The spaces provide a sense of normalcy and structure amidst the chaos of conflict. 

We use drawing as a safe activity for children to process their experiences in a protected environment.  

Through these activities, our facilitators can identify children who might need more specialised support.  

Children can express themselves, and get access to the support they need.