Little girl in the Central African Republic hugs a teddy bear in early childhood development centre.

Players of the People's Postcode Lottery have done incredible things

In five years, Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery have supported War Child with a total of £10m. This is an incredible amount.

Because of the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery War Child has been able to more than double the number of children we are supporting—from 62,236 to 165,231—whilst maintaining high-quality services to respond effectively to children’s needs. 

We’ve also grown in size too. 

Now that we are bigger, our voice, and the voices of children, are louder—we’ve been able to scale up our efforts to lobby world leaders to improve the situation for young people living in conflict zones across the globe. 

People’s Postcode Lottery is a unique partner: they realise the value of flexible funding and provide long-term support. 

Rewards given by players are 'unrestricted', meaning they don't have to support a pre-defined project. 

This is rare. But it's vital for us. 

It enables us to operate as an effective charity. We can respond immediately to emergency situations. We can deliver sustainable, quality programmes. And we can invest in our growth, allowing us reach more and more children affected by conflict. 


... Tens of thousands more children are being protected when they need it most. 

7.8 million children are in urgent need of support following two decades of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

Players have been funding War Child’s helpline since 2014, a lifeline for thousands of vulnerable children, like Agnes, who have been separated from their families, and are at risk of trafficking and recruitment into armed groups. 

Thanks to Players’ long-term commitment to our work, the helpline has grown from strength to strength and is now operating across four areas in DRC. 

This means that tens of thousands more children are being protected when they need it most. 

With Players' support, through the child helpline we’re able to reach some of the most remote territories of North DRC, where armed groups remain particularly active and children are at risk of exploitation. 

The vulnerability of children in conflict areas is a clear call-to-action. 

We are determined to expand more of our programmes like the helpline in DRC so we can support more children who are in desperate need. 

War Child’s free helplines (called ‘Tukinge Watoto’—‘Let’s Protect Children’) are a lifeline for violently abused or mistreated children. 

Children can speak directly to trained counsellors and social workers who can refer them to local child protection organisations. 

In an emergency or high-risk situation children can be taken into protective care. We’re also building the general capacity of the Congolese child-protection system, strengthening detection, prevention and response to child-neglect or exploitation. 

Funding from Players of People’s Postcode Lottery is vital in helping us achieve our vision. 

Together, we’re working towards a world in which children’s lives are no longer torn apart by war. 

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