Noor Hassan, 45 years old, poses for a photograph in a camp in Yemen

Noor Hassan's story

Noor Hassan lives with his family in a camp for Internally Displaced People in Yemen. War Child helped them to buy two sheep and some necessities which opened new possibilities to improve their living conditions.

"I’m Noor Hassan, 45 years old, and I live in Yemen. It’s harsh. My life is very difficult. I dream of seeing my children living in dignity and studying. I don’t want to see a future in which they grow up unable to find a job, with me getting old and sick. I don’t want to be a burden. I want to work, but I can’t find a stable job.

I’ve been displaced twice due to conflict. We now live in a camp for Internally Displaced People. I collect empty plastic bottles, if possible, to sell. If I don’t, I wouldn't have money to buy lunch or dinner. I used to work as a lifter but had to stop when my knees started to hurt. 

I was traumatised for many months after I witnessed an awful accident. Three people were killed by a landmine in front of my eyes, my brother, my cousin, and the motorbike driver who was with them. I lost my mind. 

I would sweep floors and wash cars for a salary to buy food with. Then I wouldn’t need to register for cash support or any other aid. But I can’t get a job like that. All organisations want people who speak English, and I can only read and write. 

I live in this house with my children, wife, and grandchildren. If there is food, I eat, but if not I just sleep. We live here out of charity. If the landlord wanted us out we’d be on the streets. We don’t have a water tank either. My daughter has to travel far to find us water, even at night, and we worry about her."

Noor's family received support with 75.000 YR (local currency) from War Child. They used that money to proactively provide for themselves. With it, they bought two sheep and some necessities. Noor’s daughter Hayat now takes care of the sheep by taking them out to graze every day. He hopes to grow his flock which would help improve his quality of life and help provide for his family.

Hayat Hassan, 18 years old, poses for a photograph with some of her sheep
Hayat Hassan, 18 years old, poses for a photograph with some of her sheep


War Child's work to protect, educate and provide for Yemeni children and their families is more urgent than ever.
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