Children holding hands in a circle in a refugee camp in Syria around a colourful parachute

N Family X War Child online event

N Family Club continues partnership with War Child in upcoming online event.

In a world where ongoing conflict affects the lives of millions of children, War Child’s work is more valuable than ever. Since 2017, N Family Club has donated over £200,000 to War Child and continues to collaborate with the charity to support the education of children living through war. The nursery group recently announced an upcoming online event ‘How to support children living through conflict and war’, which will be run by War Child’s Youth Advocacy and Participation Adviser, Sophie Bray-Watkins.

Sophie said, "The event will cover the global picture at the moment and War Child’s place within that. Every year, thousands of children caught up in conflict experience ‘grave violations’ of their rights and we are seeing humanitarian needs increasing, yet chronic underfunding in some areas. During the event I’ll be focusing on advocacy and how others can help us take action to ensure a safe future for every child living through war.”

Beginning with an overview of the state of global conflict, attendees will learn about trends in global conflict, changes in the past decade, and the common issues experienced by children living in conflict zones, such as displacement and lack of education. Simple guidance will be shared on how to speak to children about conflict and war, and how we can all help as donors and advocates.

Impact Manager Claire Brown said, “At N Family Club, we remain committed to our partnership with War Child. In 2023 the charity reached and supported over 200,000 children, but there are thousands more that still need them. At the end of N’s Impact Month, we are pleased to welcome Sophie to deliver our Family Club event, and to continue our partnership to help enable War Child’s vital work.”

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The online event is open to everyone and will take place virtually, on Tuesday 30th April at 8pm.
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