Mike Power.

Meet Mike, you won't believe how awesome he is

One of the best things about working for War Child is that you meet people who you know you'll remember for the rest of your life. 

That might be a child in a refugee camp, whose strength and resilience completely shatters your perceptions of what children are capable of.  

It might be a facilitator in a war zone whose dedication towards the children in their care makes you wish you had changed careers.  

Or it might be someone who does something truly remarkable to raise money for us.  

Someone like Mike Power.  

A war child helping war children

Last year, at the age of 73, Mike completed the London triathlon for War Child – becoming the oldest person to ever do so.  

And now he’s doing it again this year.  

That means swimming 750 metres, cycling 20 kilometres and running 5 kilometres – at the age of 74. And all to raise money to help those children in camps and facilitators in war zones. 

What I find most touching about Mike that his motivation is he's a war child himself. His father was killed during the Second World War – three months before Mike was born. 

This has driven him to do whatever he can for children affected by war today.  

“I have to say I don’t think I suffered in any way as much as these kids are in Syria and other countries are at the moment,” he told me.  

“I feel I’ve been able to do something by raising money for War Child.” 


Fundraising is amazing

Mike’s drive and determination are truly inspiring.  

This year, he hopes that the grand total of his fundraising efforts for War Child will reach £20,000. 

That's a staggering amount. And it goes a very long way in the places where we work.  

We are all so massively in awe of him here at War Child. 

We all want to be like Mike.