A family from Herat, Afghanistan.

International Womens Day 2019

Today is International Women's Day. To celebrate we wanted to introduce Iman and Viviane — two inspiring women who are working to change children's lives.

Iman (Iraq) 
Meet iman - a member of our team in northern iraq. Iman works with children who have been forced to flee their homes, helping them to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.  

Iman is a champion for women and girls in the region. 

She supports girls through education and recreational activities, and helps mothers to create a positive and safe learning environment for their children, despite the pressures of life in a displacement camp.   

The challenges faced by girls and women in iraq are immense. Many mothers are illiterate themselves but want better opportunities for their daughters. 

Iman shares similar hopes:    

"I want to help girls be proud of themselves in spite of all the difficult and complicated situations they have to go through, and support them to make the most of opportunities to have a meaningful life."


Viviane (Uganda) 

Viviane lives in Uganda. She works at war child’s youth enterprise initiative, KATI, as a business relationships officer. Viviane helps steer the young Ugandan and south Sudanese entrepreneurs of tomorrow, through conducting innovation and business-development forums. 

KATI is a youth-led social enterprise that encourages young people to develop their innovative business ideas, helping them at all stages, including providing competitive loans to help get them started. 

Uganda is a tale of two countries: the south is relatively prosperous; the north, however, has suffered from several decades of internal armed conflict since the late 70s. 

Food shortages and war in South Sudan, the country’s neighbouring country, means it also receives huge levels of desperate refugees—around 200,000 in total. 

Women like Viviane persevere, and finds passion in helping those who are desperate for opportunity. 

Without women like Viviane, war child wouldn’t be able to conduct its vital work in helping child refugees realise their potential, and feel human again. 

"I would like to continue to encourage, support and empower women so they feel they can change the world to be a better place. Because some women don’t believe in themselves. We need to change this and allow them to believe in themselves."