The Stella McCartney and Glastonbury Festival top.

Glastonbury & Stella McCartney release vest in aid of war child.

Glastonbury Festival and Stella McCartney have today announced the release of a special, limited edition upcycled vest to be sold in support of War Child’s Emergency Fund.

In 2007, Stella McCartney designed a limited-edition vest which was sold for charity at that year’s Glastonbury Festival. The design, which features a blue sky, green field and psychedelic rainbow, was inspired by the Seventies airbrushed t- shirts her Mum and Dad used to get made. 


The vest has gone on to become a rare collector’s item, but a recent warehouse audit unveiled several boxes of vests which had not been sold. 


Staying true to Stella McCartney’s ethos and principles to reduce our impact on the planet the original vests have now been upcycled and repurposed with a new mushroom artwork celebrating fungi as the future of fashion and our planet. 


These limited-edition vests are on sale now via Glastonbury’s official online shop, with all proceeds going to War Child’s Emergency Fund.