Edisa's baskets that she makes and sells.

Edisa's Story

At 19 years old, Edisa's life took an irreversible turn when she was forced to flee her home in Burundi. Settling in a refugee camp in eastern DR Congo, she confronted hunger, uncertainty, and the unexpected loss of her father.

Struggling with limited resources to improve her situation, Edisa felt a sense of uselessness and alienation from her community. However, to everyone's surprise, including her own, she embarked on a journey of transformation through a vocational training programme provided by War Child and their partners.

She participated in technical training in modern plastic basket weaving, which enabled her to become a mentor for other girls and women learning the trade. 

Edisa has successfully adapted to her new life in DR Congo. She is married and has a two-year-old son. They live together in a straw house.

With the skills acquired through War Child's training, she can provide for her family by operating her own business, selling baskets. Edisa has gained a firm grasp of the fundamentals of business and aspires to cover her family's expenses while saving for their future.

Reflecting on her transformed circumstances, Edisa expresses, "I feel more loved and considered in my little home by my husband." 

In addition to her business, Edisa plays a significant role in the community within the camp. She actively participates in meetings addressing women's empowerment, where her opinions are highly valued and taken into consideration.

Edisa and her baby.

Prior to her involvement with War Child, Edisa revealed that the food rations provided by the World Food Programme were insufficient to sustain her family until the end of each month. This situation caused her considerable anxiety. To make ends meet, Edisa would often engage in agricultural labour, earning as little as $1 per day.

Now, Edisa is able to work independently and generate income for her family. 

"I am grateful to War Child for this support. I’d like to see more of this kind of activity that empowers refugees and young people. They are at risk if they are not occupied and if they can’t create their own jobs.”

Democratic Republic of Congo

Reintegrating children who have escaped armed groups into their communities, youth-led advocacy, and sustainable livelihoods are at the core of what we do for children in the DRC.
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