Yemeni children are becoming a lost generation

Back to School is here

The Shop for Good’s latest campaign has launched, getting ready for the new school year whilst making helping children in war torn countries get #BackToSchool.

As the summer holidays are in full swing, and the good weather just keeps on coming to the UK, it’s easy to push back to school shopping to the back of your mind. 

But do not worry, our Shop for Good has the perfect range of products to get you sorted for September and help send children around the world #BacktoSchool. All proceeds from this campaign will help War Child support more children living in conflict zones, find out more about our work here.  

We've partnered with illustrators and brands to bring you an exclusive range of products. From notebooks to lunch bags, browse the whole range here. 


Back to school.

Every child has the right to an education. 

But in conflict zones, children are often separated from their homes, schools and the services which protect them and their futures. Over 75 million school-aged children in war-affected countries are in desperate need of educational support and many are already missing out on an education.  

Not being able to go to school has a direct impact on a child’s development and wellbeing. Children who are not in education are at a much higher risk of abuse and exploitation such as being forced into dangerous work, child marriage, or being recruited into armed groups. 

War Child works to make sure children can continue to learn in times of conflict and crisis. We set up learning spaces, provide catch-up classes, rehabilitate schools damaged by bombs and bullets, while supporting teachers operating in conflict zones.  

That’s why we’ve launched our range of back-to-school basics, from notebooks and pencil cases to backpacks and activity books – to get kids set for September and help us get children around the world back to school too. 

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