A childs teddy bear in the rubble of a colapsed building, Syria.

Anniversary of the conflict in Syria

Syrian children and their families face unprecedented turmoil due to lethal mix of civil war, devastating earthquakes, medical emergencies and harsh winter conditions.

March 15th  marks 12 years since the beginning of the tragic civil war in Syria.  

The conflict has irreparably altered daily life for millions of children and their families across the country.   

Syria is the world’s largest displacement crisis, with at least half of the population uprooted, either internally or as refugees. Of those still inside Syria, it is estimated that 90% live in poverty.  

Food prices have skyrocketed, infrastructure has suffered extensive damage, and there are acute shortages of both water and electricity.  

Some 1.9 million people live in tents or makeshift shelters in the northwest, the majority of whom are women and children. The earthquakes have caused new internal displacement movements and at least 86,000 people were reportedly newly displaced since 6 February. More than half of them are children. 

Children have lost their loved ones, homes, their access to education and thousands are now living in unsafe conditions, with their childhoods on hold and their futures hanging in the balance.  

War Child's response has entered a harrowing new phase. 

We have been actively working in Syria through our partners since 2012 in response to the conflict-driven crisis.  

In the disastrous aftermath of the earthquakes, we mobilised a rapid response unit to meet the critical needs of children and their families. We are prioritising people’s basic needs such as medical aid, food, shelter and winter clothing. 

Children walking through a refugee camp, Syria.

As the war rages on and there is no end in sight, the needs of those most vulnerable will undoubtedly grow.  

We will continue to provide relief operations while delivering our critical education and psychological support services to help thousands more children who are at severe risk. 

We will stay long after the cameras have gone to support them through their recovery. 

Because at War Child, we will never give up on children affected by conflict. 

Emergency Earthquake Response

In the wake of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which has torn across north-west Syria and Türkiye, War Child has mobilised a rapid response to meet the critical needs of children and their families now living in the devastating aftermath.
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