Urgent appeal
Mosul Appeal
Our team is on the ground right now providing ‘safe spaces’ and emergency care for 6,000 children who have fled the fighting in Mosul. Your donation today could help us to reach even more.
£16 will provide books and stationery to help one child catch up on their lost education
£55 will pay for one child to attend our child friendly space for 9 months
£80 will train one of our staff in Psychological First Aid to help the most traumatised children

How your money will help

Rahim* is 3 years old. He lives in a tent with his family in northern Iraq after being forced to flee his home to escape the continued fighting in the region. 

The military offensive to retake Mosul from the hands of ISIS is underway and already it’s having catastrophic consequences for civilians. It’s estimated that 1.5 million - half of them children, are in urgent need. Our team is on the ground responding to the protection needs of the most vulnerable children who have fled the city, providing ‘safe spaces’ and emergency care for 6,000 boys and girls. 

Your gift today will go into our Emergency Fund that has been activated to respond to the escalating crisis in Mosul. Our Emergency Fund enables us to respond to crises affecting children living in war-torn areas around the world.


*name changed to protect identity

Iraq therapy room child drawing

Psychological First Aid

When war starts, childhood stops. Many of the children we work with have experienced and seen things no child should ever have to. Our staff are trained in psychological first aid, proving urgent assistance to traumatised children.

Zariya War Child Mosul Appeal Iraq

Zariya's story

Zariya, now 10, lived on a farm in a village near the city of Mosul with her little brother, now 4, her sister who has Downs Syndrome, now 14, her parents and her grandfather.

When ISIS came, she wasn't allowed to go out anymore and all her friends moved away.


Winter brings bitterly cold weather. We need to buy enough fuel to keep our safe spaces heated for children.

Sumaya War Child Mosul Appeal Iraq

Sumaya's Story

Sumaya is 8. She was forced from her home as a result of the fighting in Mosul.

ISIS took control of her village before Sumaya had a chance to start school. 

War Child Iraq Education Programme

Catching up on lost education

Our safe spaces provide a sanctuary for children, away from the chaos of camp life. A chance to play with other children, catch up on missed schooling and rebuild their childhood.