Tell the UK government to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The children of Yemen can't wait. British-made bombs are being dropped on innocent Yemenis.


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Yemen food crisis appeal
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Tell the UK government to stop the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.

The UK sells billions of pounds-worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia that are being used as part of a brutal war in Yemen. 

These weapons are helping to kill and injure thousands of children. They're destroying hundreds of schools and hospitals. 

They're leaving thousands of children on the brink of starvation. Over 10 million children need urgent humanitarian assistance.

“The first rocket fell on the hospital gate. The sound was terrifying. I saw the bodies of people. Even my father was killed. I was afraid so I ran away to the mountains.” - Yasser, aged 12

We think it is wrong that UK-made weapons are being used to kill and harm the children of Yemen in this way.

Please tell the UK government that the sale of British weapons to Saudi Arabia MUST STOP.