Enough is Enough

Enough is enough campaign

Children are being targeted in war as never before.

Their lives are being torn apart. And the world is sitting back and letting it happen. 

Globally, 28 million have been forced to flee from their homes due to conflict. 

These children have seen horrors that no child should. They've lost family members and they're missing out on vital protection and education. 

The war in Syria has now been raging for six years – as long as World War 2. One child has been killed every hour since the conflict began, 400,000 are living under siege, and over 2 million have had to flee the fighting. 

It's time to say Enough is Enough. 

Children are not a target. Their lives should not be torn apart by war. To use chemical weapons against them and then bomb the hospitals in which they are being treated is barbaric. 

We want to keep children safe and to make sure that those who harm them face the consequences. We want to ensure that children in conflict get the protection and education they need. 

The Enough is Enough campaign is seeking to achieve 3 things:

  1. End the targeting of children in war. Those who are guilty of war crimes against children should face consequences.
  2. Humanitarian aid must reach children who need it. The practice of denying access to aid as a weapon of war must end. 
  3. Children living in, or fleeing, war must be protected, educated and given the help they need.

The focus of our campaign this year will be on Syria and Yemen. 

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