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Children in war zones urgently need our help

Around the world, children are facing unprecedented levels of conflict. This is especially true in Gaza, where thousands of children are trapped, having been injured or killed in relentless bombing. Terrified, traumatised and unsure of what the future holds, children living in Gaza, and other conflict zones such as Ukraine, Yemen and Afghanistan, are in desperate need of protection. Donate now to support children caught up in conflict.

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No child should be part of war. Ever.

Children’s lives continue to be torn apart by fighting. They urgently need your help. Supporting War Child means we can act rapidly when war breaks out, as well as continuing to be there long after the cameras have left.

War Child believes that no child should be part of war. Ever. Our dedicated staff are working around the clock in conflict zones all around the world to keep children safe.

But there are thousands of children who still need us and we can’t do it without you.  

Please, donate today.