Girls in Gaza


Children in Gaza are living through an unprecedented crisis. Relentless bombing, fighting and destruction has left tens of thousands of children homeless, injured, and terrified for their lives. War Child is working with local partners on the ground in Gaza but supplies are extremely limited and there’s nowhere near enough to go around. Our dedicated staff are working around the clock in Gaza, as well as conflict zones around the world, to keep children safe.


But there are thousands of children who still need us and we can’t do it without you. 

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No child should be part of war. Ever. 

Palestinian children are living through unimaginable horrors. Every day, children in Gaza are waking up to a nightmare - terrifying bombs, little to eat and nowhere to go. Many have seen their family and friends die, or left with life-threatening injuries.   

The emotional impact of this trauma could last a lifetime.   

And now, after weeks of violent attacks, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee from their homes, children and their families are facing yet another disaster – the winter.   

Without shelter, clean water and soap, children will be left out in the cold and dangerous waterborne diseases from rainy weather will be rife.  

War Child staff and our local partners are working tirelessly to support children whose lives have been devastated by war in Gaza, Yemen, Syria and other conflict zones around the world.  

But protecting children in war zones is dangerous and difficult work, and we can’t do it without you.

This winter, you could help provide blankets, warm clothes and other life-saving essentials for children in war zones 

Please, donate now.  

How a monthly donation from you changes lives 

Regular monthly gifts are an incredible way to support children living through conflict, both now and into the future. Your donations will mean we can provide life-saving aid when conflict breaks out, and stay to support children through their recovery - keeping them safe, helping them cope with their experiences, learn, and equip them with skills for the future. For 30 years, we've been driven by a single goal - for no child's life to be torn apart by war. By starting a regular monthly gift for children today, we can be there for vulnerable children living in war zones for as long as they need us.