A letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres

War Child letter to UN Secretary General
These brothers have been displaced by the conflict in Yemen. Photo: Mark Kaye/Save the Children
No state or group should be given a free pass to kill children.

Today we sent a signed letter to the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres.

It was a joint letter with 40 other charities, who provide vital support to children affected by armed conflict.

It's believed that the Secretary General is going to ‘freeze’ the Children in Armed Conflict report, allowing no new nations, coalitions or groups to be shamed as violators of child rights.

Since 2002 the report has listed all parties that have committed grave violations against children.

Among those absent would be the kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is currently leading the Coalition, known to be committing grave violations in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia was controversially removed from last year’s report – causing outrage from humanitarian agencies.

We're urging the Secretary General to place all perpetrators on the 2017 list and state publicly that he’s committed to an impartial list, based on evidence, not politics.

War Child letter to UN Secretary General
Children are extremely vulnerable as the fighting continues in Yemen. Photo: Save the Children

We think it’s deplorable that the Secretary General could even consider the proposal of freezing additions to the report on Children and Armed Conflict.

It makes a mockery of the system and essentially invites grave violations against children to be made without any repercussions. 

No state or group should be given a free pass to kill children.

The Secretary General and the United Nations must fulfil their commitment to impartiality.

If not we risk that the very people tasked with protecting the world’s most vulnerable children are turning their backs and washing their hands of them.

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