Chemical attack in Syria

chemical attack idlib syria
72 people have been killed in a chemical attack in Khan Shakykun, Idlib.

Last night more than 70 Syrians - including 20 children - were killed in a chemical gas attack in Idlib province. 

To use chemical weapons against children, and then bomb the hospitals in which they're being treated is barbaric.

Such attacks are completely illegal and must never be tolerated. They are the actions of a vicious regime. 

The international community’s complete failure to respond to punish those that use these weapons has only served to embolden them to do so. 

Now, rather than merely racing against one another to condemn this horrific attack, international governments must instead work to compel an end to the use of these awful weapons.

The sheer scale of the conflict in Syria, which has raged for over six years, is a tragedy.

Children have suffered in unimaginable ways – they are being targeted and killed in Syria, and are being forgotten in refugee camps. 

The international community must redouble their efforts to protect Syria’s children, and do everything they can to bring about meaningful resolution to this conflict.

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