350,000 children are trapped inside Mosul

More children in Mosul are at risk of harm than ever before. Photo: Marcia Chandra

Iraqi forces have launched an attack to retake western Mosul from the hands of ISIS 

It's likely that ISIS will fight with intensity to keep control over this part of the city and the risk of escalation and violence has never been higher.


The consquences of this battle will be catastrophic 

There are hundreds of thousands of vulnerable civilians trapped inside the dense and crowded streets of the old part of the city.

The risks are unthinkable. They could be bombed or executed. They also face the threat of hunger and disease.  

Among these trapped civilians are an estimated 350,000 children. 


It is imperative that Iraqi forces, along with their US and UK allies, do everything they can to prevent civilian casualties or reprisal killings. - Sameena Gul, War Child Iraq's Country Director

Mosul's children must be protected

The humanitarian response to the crisis in Mosul is just as important as the military battle. 

The UK government and the international community must ensure that efforts to negotiate humanitarian access continue and that those who flee the city are safe and have access to the services that they so desperately need. 


War Child is supporting children from Mosul

Our team is on the front-line providing urgent assistance, psychosocial first aid and educational services to children fleeing the conflict. 

We're ready to support the latest arrivals from West Mosul as villages are retaken and civilians seek safety. 


Three ways you can help