Today we're celebrating mums

Juliet Kati uganda
With the support of KATI, Juliet has opened a pharmacy in her local community.

Happy Mother's Day!

Clémence - our Regional Programme Officer for Africa just got back from Uganda.

Whilst there she met Juliet, a young entrepreneur living in the north of the country. 

Unlike the south, northern Uganda has suffered a series of internal armed conflicts since the late 1970s, and more recently has seen a huge influx of refugees (over 500,000 since July) fleeing war and food shortages in neighbouring South Sudan.

There are very few investment opportunities for young people and unemployment is high.

But Juliet is benefiting from our micro-loans and business mentoring programme, KATI. 

Juliet is a single mother who is dedicated to her 4 year old daughter.

She hopes to save enough money to send her daughter to school.

With the support of KATI business mentors and her micro-loan, Juliet, who is a trained nurse, has set up a pharmacy in her local community.

Business is booming and once Juliet has paid back her start-up loan, she plans to expand the business.

My aim is to open a medical centre where patients could receive medical support and we could do all the testing at one place. - Juliet. 

Thank you for helping Juliet and many more mothers like her in Uganda and across the world. 

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