From banker to maths teacher

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Mr Ahmadi joins other volunteers in a 4-day teacher training at War Child's TLS

How one man went from banking to teaching maths in an IDP camp in Iraq

Mr Ahmadi is from Mosul in Iraq. He was a banker in Mosul before he was forced to leave his home to escape the fighting. He now lives in an IDP camp outside of Mosul, where truckloads of people are arriving daily. 

Mr Ahmadi was well respected and had a reputation as a finance expert, and still carries his ID card, photographs and certificates, delicately folded and kept in his wallet.

Turning to teaching

Mr Ahmadi now facilitates sessions in the War Child's Temporary Learning Space (TLS) for children living in the camp.

Life under ISIS meant that few children went to school and those that did, endured a curriculum of terror; imposing strict rules on dress for students, cancelling classes on art, music, history and geography, replacing standard text with jihadist messages.

War Child's TLS offers children a sanctuary away from the chaos of camp life, a chance to ibnteract with other children and engage in activities which contribute to their recovery and prepare their mindset for learning.

During the teacher training, Mr Ahmadi’s eyes lit up when it was mentioned that his knowledge of finance and accounting would be invaluable in the TLS.

Despite the challenging environment, Mr Ahmadi is now developing child-centred activities that will inspire children.

These activities are helping children to expand their understanding of maths within the camp environment, incorporating maths into lessons on how to stay healthy, good hygiene and nutrition.  

war child iraq education
A War Child facilitator teaches a lesson in a Temporary Learning Space in Iraq. Photo: Marcia Chandra

Helping children from Mosul to get back into education. 

We're now running 12 Temporary Learning Spaces across 3 camps in northern Iraq - supporting children to catch up on their education. 

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