Using food vouchers to combat the food crisis in Yemen

We're distributing food vouchers to reach thousands of children in Yemen before it's too late.

This week we launched an emergency appeal for the children of Yemen. 

2 years of brutal war have left children and families in urgent need of food and water. A staggering 400,000 children are facing malnutrition. 

Our team is on the ground getting food to children before it's too late. 

But the team isn't handing out actual food items. Instead we're using a food vouchers system. 

Each voucher helps a family buy enough food for 1 month. Typically, the food available includes wheat, vegetable oil, sugar, pulses and iodized salt.


Why not just hand out food items?

1. Food vouchers are cheaper and more efficient

Food vouchers are much faster, easier and cheaper than actual food items. There's no need for complicated logistics to distribute food or for warehouses to store it. 

This means we can act quickly and reach more families with life-saving food. 

2. There's very little money in Yemen

In Yemen (and other similar emergency situations) there is food available. But people are not able to access it as there's hardly any money in the country. With vouchers, families are able to access food without needing cash in hand. 

3. Food vouchers are better for the local economy

By handing out food vouchers, we're helping families to access the market. This helps to revive the local economy, indirectly supporting food vendors and their families. 

4. Food vouchers help families to get back a sense of control 

With food vouchers, people more choice about when and where they get their food.  Families are able to choose which vendor they want to go to and when they want to use their vouchers. 

Food vouchers also reduce the time that people would otherwise spend queuing up for food distribution. This helps to lessen the feeling of being dependent on aid or others. 



Yemen appeal War Child

Yemen food crisis appeal

Our team is working round the clock to get food to vulnerable children in Yemen before it's too late. Your donation today could help us to reach even more.

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