War Child legacies Iraq
Your legacy could make a difference for generations to come. Credit: Richard Pohle

After you’ve provided for your loved ones, would you consider leaving a gift for War Child in your will?

Our vision is a world where children’s lives are no longer torn apart by war. Our work won't stop until every community, every family, every child is protected from the devastating effects of violent conflict.

It’s not a quick-fix solution – that’s why ‘legacies’, gifts in wills, are so crucial to our work, and so valued.

Legacies help make sure that our life-changing work will continue making a difference for generations to come, so more children can have a safer, happier, brighter future. 

Democratic Republic of Congo baby on mother legacies
A baby sleeps on his mother's back at a War Child project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Credit: James Marcus Haney

We understand and respect that your decisions about your will are private, personal and made after long, careful consideration.

But if a War Child legacy is something you might be interested in, we’d be happy to discuss it with you... 

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