About War Child

You can give us a call on +44 207 916 9276 or email us at info@warchild.org.uk

We usually have about 29 paid staff in our UK office.

War Child UK, War Child Holland and War Child Canada are all affiliate members of War Child International. We are separate organisations with separate funds, staff and projects. We share a common goal and work in collaboration with each other wherever we can.

We currently have programmes running in Afghanistan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Iraq, Uganda and Jordan supporting Syrian refugee children.

War Child is a registered UK charity (number 1071659).


The short answer is: 'About 9 pence for every pound we spend'. Read the longer and better answer here!

How to Get Involved

If you pay UK tax and let us know, the Government will give War Child at least 25% on top of your donation. It won’t cost you a penny.

If you make a personal donation to War Child, you will be asked to declare whether you would like us to claim Gift Aid. This will be either by:

  • ticking the Gift Aid box on the donation page online
  • by saying ‘yes' to the Gift Aid question whilst donating via the phone
  • ticking the Gisft Aid box on sponsorship pages like JustGiving

To say Yes to Gift Aid, you will need to have paid UK tax in the current tax year that’s at least equal to the 25% we will claim. We also need your full name and home address.

Please note, Gift Aid cannot apply to CAF cards (as the tax has already been reclaimed).

For further information Visit HM Revenue & Customs website www.hmrc.gov.uk/individuals/giving/gift-aid.htm. Alternatively, contact your local Tax Office.

Visit our donations page for details on how to donate online, over the phone, via Direct Debit or by text message.

Working for War Child

Unfortunately not. Due to the insecure locations where we work, we can’t welcome visitors to our projects and our local staff don’t have the capacity to host them.

Our internships generally last from three and six months and are advertised on our jobs page.

Any jobs that we do have are advertised on our jobs page. They are also posted on our Twitter feed and usually on the charityjob website.