Uganda is a tale of two countries. The south is relatively prosperous and most children are able to attend Primary School.

The north however, is a different story. In the Acholi region more than a million people were forced to flee their homes by the conflict between government forces and Joseph Kony’s Lords’ Resistance Army. Further north still, the Karamoja region has been affected by years of tribal violence – which is now being exacerbated by climate change and the widespread ownership of guns.

Country stats

  • Capital
  • Population
    33 million
  • Life expectancy
  • GDP per capita
Meet Ebrima - our main man in Uganda.
War Child's Uganda staff
Meet the Uganda team.

What we're doing

Boy in Pader, Uganda

School access in Acholi

Our projects in Acholi are helping children and young people back into school and vocational training.

The area has suffered for years at the hands of the Lords Resistance Army.

Girl in Karamoja, Uganda


Drought affected Karamoja in the far north of Uganda is one of the poorest places in the world.

We're helping keep children safe from the conflict between the rival clans over dwindling natural resources.

Working with local partners
We work with a number of local partners in Uganda:
Friends of Christ Revival Ministries
Christian Counselling Fellowship

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