What we do in the UK


In simple terms, advocacy is about helping people get their voices heard and their rights met. It’s something that we do both at a local level in the countries we work in, and in the UK. We lobby and inform decision-makers in Westminster and at the European and UN level to take action to help prevent children’s lives from being torn apart by war.

We’re trying to get the good laws and conventions implemented, and the bad ones improved. This is often done in partnership with other charities and NGOs. It’s often a lengthy process but success here can improve the lives of millions of children.

See our Campaigns section to see the latest campaigns we're part of.


Remember that war started by a child? Neither do we. We love to share our passion with anyone else who also thinks it is absolutely wrong that children’s lives are torn apart by conflict.

We’ve campaigned alongside Juliet – a truly inspirational young lady from Uganda. She took her message all the way to Downing Street and had the support of many students in the UK who were touched by her story.

As we’re a small charity, where possible we try to magnify our impact by joining forces with bigger partners like Oxfam, or coalitions to raise awareness and campaign about issues such as the Millennium Development Goals.

See our Campaigns section to see the latest campaigns we're part of.


‘Why?’. ‘What can we do about it?’ Our schools talks and teaching materials educate students in the UK about their peers who are armed with AK-47s instead of pens and paper. Their responses are always great. Young people are smart like that – they see the world as it should be as well as how it is.

Our schools program is run on a smile and a shoestring thanks to the dedication of our Schools Officer May. If you’re within the M25 she’d love to pay your school a visit for free...

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Music and Entertainment

War Child and music go way back. Our HELP album captured the Britpop zeitgeist perfectly in 1995 and it’s still the charity album that all others have been compared to since. Some of the greatest musicians on the planet have donated tracks to our albums or played special gigs for us in the last 15 years.

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