13,877 street children in kinshasa

Supporting street children in Kinshasa

We provide a vital lifeline for street children — especially girls and young

women living in one of Kinshasa’s roughest neighbourhoods.

Our night ambulance and drop-in centre (see below) help girls to keep

safe, and ultimately leave the streets.

Decades of conflict in the Congo have left millions of people in desperate poverty; tens of thousands of children live on the streets of the capital Kinshasa.

Life on the streets is an extremely tough and often violent existence. Many children beg for food and money. Some turn to robbery and many develop alcohol and drug dependencies.

Many girls are forced into prostitution as a means of survival. It’s not uncommon for them to have babies as a result.

Photos: Zute Lightfoot.


  • Objectives
    Vulnerable girls living and working on the streets of Kinshasa
  • Dates
    2010 - 2013
  • Estimated direct beneficiaries
  • Funding partner
    Comic Relief
  • Local partner
Life is hard in the street.
Here I found the family that I lost.
A 14 year old girl who
attends our Drop-In Centre.


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What we're doing

Night ambulance
Our ambulance tours Tshangu district six nights a week providing vital medical and social care to street girls.

Drop-in centre
We’ve also built a safe-haven for girls and young women to visit during the day (see photos above). They can get a free education, medical help and support to build a life away from the streets. It also provides emergency accommodation for those in acute danger.

Tackling the source
We’re working with the police and military, street boys and other men to challenge harmful attitudes towards girls.

Family reunification
We offer family mediation for those children who want to try and move back home and help them to get back into school, or earn a living in a more positive way.

night ambulance in kinshasa

It costs just £74 per night for our ambulance to provide vital care and support for vulnerable girls living extraordinarily tough lives on the streets of Kinshasa.


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