'Syria - A War on Childhood' report published

23 Jul 2012

Today we've published a report into the devastating toll the Syrian conflict has taken on its children and young people. The paper explores how children have not only been left unprotected from the violence - in many cases they have deliberately been targets of it. The report also explores the International Community's failure to provide sanctuary and security for children caught up in the fighting, and looks at the legal instruments that are in place to supposedly ensure that children and young people are spared from the brutal effects of conflict.

“By the time we see the end of the conflict in Syria it will be clear that children have paid a heavy price for the right to live in peace, go to school, and feel safe in their homes and communities. Children have not been spared and it is particularly alarming the extent to which children have been directly targeted.” - Rob Williams, our CEO.

Download the Syria report from our Publications section. If you'd like to lend your support to our project for refugee Syrian children then please give what you can to our Children of Syria Appeal.