Further conflict in Central African Republic

8 Jan 2013

The conflict has reignited in Central African Republic in recent weeks and we had to briefly suspend our work in the capital Bangui as the rebel coalition (Seleka) forces closed in on the city. Our staff are all safe and we're hoping to restart our work there as soon as possible, however there are concerns about access to humanitarian aid for people who have fled the fighting.

The rebels have been in peace negotiations with President Bozize's government and at the moment it looks as if they have no immediate intention to enter Bangui itself. He came to power in another rebellion in 2003 and has won two elections since. The country has remained largely insecure though, and the government has struggled to exercise its authority over much of its own territory beyond Bangui. This has especially been the case in the far north of the country - where the Seleka coalition of three rebel groups is based. They claim that President Bozize has failed to honour peace agreements in 2007 and 2008.