1000 days of suffering for Syria's children

9 Dec 2013

The conflict in Syria today reaches another grim milestone. It started with a day of violence 1,000 days ago, it has grown into a war on childhood that has been characterised by more grim milestones than any other in recent history.

Over 1,000,000 children have already fled Syria as refugees. Conditions inside the country are often too brutal to imagine. The refugee camps and host communities provide a sanctuary from the bombs and bullets. But here children face different threats to their safety — and to their childhoods. Sexual violence, no access to an education, child labour and forced marriage are just some of the ways in which vulnerable and traumatised children's basic rights continue to be abused - even when they're supposed to be in safe havens.

Every bad thing you can imagine has happened in Syria"
A mother in a Refugee camp in Jordan

Our new report reveals some alarming statistics:

  • 12 children on average are being killed per day.
  • 12,000 children have been killed since the conflict began.
  • 174 children are forced to flee their homes every hour.
  • The combined effect of the conflict is jeopardising 2.5 million children’s education.
  • 4,278,000 children inside Syria are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.
  • Between 200 and 500 refugees arrive in Jordan every day. More than half of those are children, including roughly 60 under 5 years old.

Importantly, our report also puts a face to the human stories behind these tragedies.

Now in its third year, the everyday brutality of this war on childhood is rarely newsworthy. That in itself is shocking because an entire generation of a country's children face being traumatised, de-sensitised and denied the education and security they need more than ever.

UK Aid match for War Child's Syria AppealToday we launched an appeal backed by the Department of International Development (DFID) to help prevent a lost generation of Syrian children. The UK Government will match every pound donated by the public - so your money will make double the difference.

Today we released a video to support the appeal. Over 100 UK school students at Richmond Park Academy in South-West London physically represented the horrific facts of how the conflict is devastating the lives of their peers, Syrian children.

The need to protect them is urgent.
They cannot wait.



Double Catastrophe: 1,000 days of a War on Childhood in Syria