Agnes' name and photo have been altered to protect her identity.

Agnes' childhood may have been taken from her but her future is a different story.

It's almost impossible for us to understand what she has been through:

When Agnes was 10 she was abducted from her family's vegetable garden by Joseph Kony's notorious Lord's Resistance Army.

When Agnes was 11 she was forced to kill another child who had tried to escape: "they told me if I do not kill that person, they will kill me."

When Agnes was 12 she was raped by one of the rebel commanders who took her as one of his 'wives'.

She managed to escape, aged 13, and fled to an army barracks. A few weeks later, she was reunited with her sister.

She was jumping up and down and raced to hug me. The rest of the family raced over. I was crying, she was crying, we were all crying — Agnes

Long term effects


The war in Agnes' country is over but the effects of war on children don't disappear when the conflict ends.

Agnes is now an orphan. She sometimes dreams about what she has been forced to do and wakes up crying.

Many children who have suffered sexual violence find it difficult to recover. They are often forced out of their homes and isolated from their families and communities.

Life on the streets is tough. Drug and alcohol abuse is a devastating consequence and many girls turn to sex work to survive.

What we're doing


With your help we’re able to provide a second chance for children like Agnes.

Our drop-in centres provide safe sanctuary, medical care and a chance to rebuild a life.

We’re also helping to enrol girls like Agnes back into education and life-skills training giving them a chance to earn a safe and sustainable wage.

Thankfully, Agnes is now thriving and dreams of becoming a nurse.

Children in war


Agnes' story is far from unique. Right now, girls and boys all over the world are being subjected to many forms of sexual violence in places of conflict.

We're doing all we can to protect these children, but we can't do it without you.

We were able to give Agnes the hope of a brighter future; with your help, we can give many other children the same chance.

No quick fix


We’re committed to supporting children like Agnes as long as they need us to.

That means we’re relying on the help from people like you to spare a few pounds each week and come on board as regular supporter.

It’s the long term commitment that makes a real difference and lasting change to these children’s lives.

I want to be a nurse because I want to help people and make sure I can earn enough money to look after my family — Agnes
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A sustaining donation allows us to plan our projects more effectively and helps us provide long-term solutions for children whose lives are torn apart by war.

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