War Child's

Wacky Racers

We're lucky to have some of the best fundraisers in the world.

Some of them have travelled to the corners of it ...on a bike, or in a crap car, or with a large kitchen appliance on their back.


Run the Tube

Ever had to run for the tube? These guys are running the entire line.

Adam Broadbent (29), Jon Cooper (27),  Simon Gibbs (29) and Sébastien Hine (28), - all London commuters – are running the entire 568km of the London Underground for War Child UK. That’s all the tube lines, every branch and overlap, via every station, over 23 runs ranging from 3 to 55 kilometres. Their challenge includes (deep breath) FOUR ultra-marathon distances. And before you ask, they’re running above-ground.

Run the Tube

Follow their progress on the Run the Tube website.

Matt and Andy - Cycle Diaries

In 2011/12 friends Matt and Andy cycled 25,000km through 22 countries on their route from London to Sydney. The guys raised an amazing £25,000 for War Child along the way.

Retrace their epic journey on their blog.

Ed Bartlett

Taking the term 'mountain biking' a bit too literally, the Megavalanche is a bike race for adrenaline junkies that takes the quick route down the Alps - i.e. pretty much straight off the side of a mountain.

Watch Ed do exactly that. Luckily his dramatic crash at the end didn't hurt anything other than his pride!

Dumball Rally 2008

Dumball: 'To drive a clapped out car as far as you physically can whilst in fancy dress'. The Dumball Rally is an annual race across Europe in a convoy of really cheap cars. Some of them even get to the finishing line! But they all have a load of fun and raise a load of money for charity. In 2008 we were the lucky recipients.

Tom and Phil - Daring Dynamos

Round the world cyclists are a bit like London buses - you wait ages for one and then two come along at once. Tom and Phil are going for a full circumnavigation. They set off in March 2012. No-one seems to know how long it will take, least of all Tom and Phil. Keep up to date with their progress on their blog and their Twitter.

Adam Bates

Adam Bates ran the Yorkshire Coast 10km road race and completed it in 1hr 22 minutes. Oh, and he was carrying a 35kg tumble drier on his back. Like you do. If you're a bit crazy!

Adam Bates

Robert and Helen

Seriously, can none of you lot afford a proper car? If you're going to drive from Brussels to Benin, then a Citroen 2CV wouldn't be your first choice for a mode of transport would it? Read about their amazing adventure on their blog.

Robert and Helen

Adrian Munday

Adrian cycled the 2,000km from Cairo to Khartoum. That's a lot of desert to cross, but Adrian did it in style and raised over £5,000 for us.

Adrian Munday

James Heaney

In 2011 James became one of the youngest people ever to circumnavigate the globe on a motorbike. His 24,000 mile voyage took him through 13 countries in 100 days. Check out more of his video diaries on his blog.

Mongol Rally 2012

Nicci and Ian have known each other for 15 years, but apparently the most time they've ever spent in a car together is 2 hours. So they're drove to Mongolia. With fake moustaches.

No, we're not sure either, but they're did it for War Child so we love them anyway!

Mongol Rally

Jay Dunbar-Newman

Jay Dunbar-Newman

In February Jay trekked 130 miles across the Arctic. In minus 34C. Doing a marathon every day for 5 days!

So Jay's been to the top end of the world for War Child. Now we just need someone crazy enough to visit the bottom of it so our map won't fall off the wall when we put a pin in it for each of our interpid explorers...

Toby Selman

...step forward that man! At Christmas 2012 Toby attempted to become one of only 300 people to have skied from the Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole unsupported. That's a distance of nearly 1,000km - and uphill all the way as the Pole lies at nearly 3,000m altitude!.

His attempt was thwarted by some unforeseen expedition issues, but he raised over £13,000. You can't keep a good man down, and we're sure Toby will be resuming is Antarctic adventure as soon as he can.

Toby Selman

Mongol Derby

Mongol Derby

At the same time that Nicci & Ian drove to Mongolia, Lucy Yorke-Long and Jess Russell were racing across it in the longest, toughest horse race in the world. The Mongol Derby races 1000km across the Mongol plains on a team of semi-wild horses. Lucy and Jess competed in the 2012 Derby and raised an amazing £10,000+ for War Child.

Brick lane to Bangladesh

Brick Lane to Bangladesh

Friends Luke and Tom are cycling the 15,000km from London's Brick Lane to Bangladesh. Because they like curry. And War Child! They'll certainly work up a hunger en-route as they'll be subjected to 50 degree heat in the Karakum Desert, to bitter wind and unforgiving cold on the high plateaus of Central Asia and The Himalayas. Check out the Brick Lane to Bangladesh blog to follow their journey

Swimming Britian

Swimming length of Britain

In July 2013 Sean Conway will attempt to become the first person to swim the length of Britain. The 1000 mile trip will take two months and is the equivalent of swimming The Channel every day while trying to battle cold water, loneliness, hunger and potential bacterial infection. Find out more about Sean and his swim.

Our CEO Rob and the team at Forward

Speaking of swimming The Channel, our CEO Rob Williams joined Helen, Tara, Josh, Rob, Anthony and Charlotte from our friends at Forward to attempt a relay swim of the English Channel in August 2013. Thoug they swma much farther than the distance of the crossing, the tide was just too strong as they got within a few miles of the French coast.

Channel Swimmers


How do you fancy joining our long line of fruitcake fundraisers?

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