Posters, T-shirts and Stickers for Fundraisers

If you're hosting a fundraising event we can send you some stickers, posters and postcards to help make sure everyone knows where their money will be going.

If you're doing a Challenge Event then let us know and we can send you a T-shirt or use this form to get your running vest if you have got a confirmed place at a Running Event and you're fundraising for us.

Drop us a line on 0207 916 9276 or email

Postcards and leaflets to help spread the word

If you're running an event, distributing a newspaper, handing out goodie bags etc and would like to incude some information about War Child then we can send you some of our leaflets or postcards.

If you'd like to order a bulk of either/both please drop us an email at


Our small concertina leaflets give a great overview of War Child's work and they include our text donation code.

War Child leaflet


Our 'I am 13' postcards are a hard-hitting awareness raiser of the issue of child soldiers.

T-shirt shop

If you'd like to buy a War child T-shirt, we've got a range of designs in our online shop.



If you run a newspaper or magazine and could devote some space for a War Child advert then we have a range of them that we could resize to fit the bill. We don't have a media budget so we rely heavily on your kind donations of advertising space.

Baloon pistol advert

Baloon hand grenade advert